Your stainless steel rebarshelves have more than meets the eye. Because of the material they are made out of they are connected to more things than you probably imagine. They share properties with famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty and small daily implements like forks and knives. Read on to discover ten fun facts and little known tidbits about stainless steel rebar.

1. Oneida is the biggest manufacturer of stainless steel in the entire world. They are mainly in the business of tableware and flatware. Since 1880 Oneida has been producing products for the food industry including restaurants and schools and they are located in Oneida, New York.

2. The largest use for this metal in the typical home, besides tableware, is found in your plumbing.

3. Does anyone remember the gold Delorean cars? Created for a promotional campaign for a credit card company, these cars cost eighty five thousand dollars and were made with plates of this metal, like the kind you find in commercial steel shelving, that were electroplated with twenty four karat gold.

4. The famous Gateway Arch in Missouri is made out of stainless steel coverings that are fitted over cement rebar enforced center construction. The arch is six hundred and thirty feet tall and built in nineteen sixty five.

5. The Korean War memorial in Washington D.C. boasts 19 stately statues depicting a squad on patrol in bad weather. These shiny statues stand in a triangular formation among juniper bushes for onlookers to view.

6. Walt Disney’s jungle cruise ride boats have steel guide rails installed to keep passengers from falling in to the water below as they ogle the many sights and sounds of the adventure ride. The bars cost a whopping two thousand dollars apiece but that is nothing compared to the boat’s one hundred thousand dollar price tag.

7. There is a wives tale about using a stainless steel bowl to remove the smell of garlic from a cook’s fingers. Many people swear that it is true.

8. Tequila and many other popular forms of liquors, wines and beers are made in tanks made of this metal.

9. The iPhones invisible antenna, that lies flat to the phone, is made out of this metal.

10. Who would have thought that stainless steel shelves would have a connection to the Statue of Liberty? The Statue underwent a huge restoration in 1984 to get ready for a big Fourth of July party. Stainless steel bars replaced the thirteen hundred and fifty corroded iron bars that had been holding up the statue for so long.